Pentium computer with the latest Mastercam programming software interfaced

with all C.N.C. - machines.



Fadal VMC 6030HT C.N.C.- Milling Center; capacity 60"X 30"Y 30"Z

10,000 RPM - 22 tool stations.

Fadal VMC 4025 C.N.C.- Milling center; capacity 40"X 25"Y 20"Z;

Fadal VMC 4020HT C.N.C.- Milling center; capacity 40"X 20"Y 20"Z;

10,000 RPM - tool stations.

Fadal VMC 4020HT C.N.C. - Milling Center; capacity 40"X20"Y20"Z;
10,000 RPM - tool stations.
Kuraki KV-1000 Vertical Machining Center; 41.3"X 23.62"Y23.62"Z ;
with 11M Fanuc Control and 32 tool stations BT50.

Kuraki KV-1000 Vertical Machining Center; 41.3"X 23.62"Y23.62"Z ;
50 Taper with 11M Fanuc Control and 32 tool stations BT50.

Kuraki 700 C.N.C. -milling center, capacity 29"X18"Y20"Z; 
5000 RPM- 21 tool stations.

Kitamura Mycenter 2 C.N.C.- milling center; capacity 18"X14"Y16"Z;
10,000 RPM - 16 tool stations.

Haas VF3 C.N.C. - Milling Center; capacity 40"X20"Y20"Z;
7,500 RPM - 20 stations

Haas Programmable rotary table

ML Vacuum Chuck 16 x 30

5-Bridgeports vertical millers, 42" table with power feed and 
digital readouts

1-Nichols horizontal miller.

All misc. tools (vises-angle plats, collett, etc.)


2- Doosan Puma – 240B C.N.C.- turning center, capacity- 14"O.D. x 22"
Tsugami C.N.C.- turning center, capacity- 9" O.D., 22" between centers.
Nardini 16-40 engine lathe fully equipped.
Includes taper attachment - metric threading, and 5c-collet system
Habegger Swiss precision lathe.
3 Hardinge DSM 50 tool room lathe. 
Elgo speed lathe with turret


Moore No.3 jig borer, capacity 18"X-12"Y-18"Z. Fully equipped with accessories,

including extensions. 12" Sine plate - 12" rotary table and facing boring head.


2 Clausing drill presses with 4 heads and 5 feet long table.
Walker-Turner with 2 heads.
3 Burgmasters turret drill & tap.
5 Floor model drill presses 1/2"-capacity.
2 High speed drill press with 1/4" capacity.
5 Tapping machines.
Flexarm Tapping Machine
All drilling – tools-vises-accessories, etc.


Do-All 8-24 Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Proth 10-20 Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Kent 8-18 Surface Grinder
Reid 6-18 Surface Grinder

3 Baldor Carbide pedestal grinders.
Darex-M4 drill grinder.
4 Pedestal grinders.
All grinding fixtures – wheels-dressers,etc.


Walker-Turner Vertical Band Saw
Do all C-70 Heavy Duty Automatic Horizontal Band Saw
Do all Vertical Band Saw.
Scotchman with automatic downfeed circular coldsaw
2- Marathon circular cold saws
Kalamazoo abrasive cut-off.

Misc saw blades – cabinet & supplies


Miller Syncrowave 300
Sterling spot welding, 10 KVA.
Oxygen & acetylene gas tanks for cutting, brazing and silver soldering.
Misc. welding supplies & cabinet


Walsh 15-ton O.B.I punch press.
6 Arbor presses
Air press


Sunnen honing MRB 1660.
All stones – mandrills-cabinet etc.


6" Belt and disc sander.
4" Belt sander.
2- 1" Belt sanders.
12" Disc sander.
2- 8" Dual Polishing Machine
Trinco Dry Blast (Glass Beading Machine)
All abrasive supplies – belts- wheels


Burr-Bench vibrator finisher
3 Raytech Bowl-type tumblers
Rotary tumbler
2 Ultrasonic cleaner
All tumbling supplies


CMM Validator ( Microstar ) 430-202 Measuring Range 30 x 40 x 20
24” Mitutoyo height master
24” Mitutoyo QM-height 600 electronic height gage
24” Digital Count & dial height gage
0-16” Outside micrometers
12” Height micrometer (Mitutoyo)
12” Pratt and Whitney super micrometer
48” x 72” Surface plate LAB grade
36” x 48” Granite surface plate, grade A
6” Compound sine plate
12” Compound sine plate
24” Precision bench centers 
dial bore gages up to 4” diameter
Pin gages sets, .006-1.000 diameter
Deltronic plug gage sets, 1/16-1” diameter
12” Gage master GMX programmable optical comparator
Hardness tester
Large inventory of ring and plug thread gages
Various other measuring tools and gages



Equipped to perform many different operations, including part marking, hardware

and helicoil installation, electromechanical assemblies, soldering, testing and assembly of special automated machinery.


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