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CNC Milling Department
With machining centers of various sizes and capabilities including engraving and programmable rotary milling & drilling.  CMS also has various sizes vacuum tables to hold and machine thin materials.



CNC Turning Department
Turning Centers fully equipped and well maintained to produce accurately from miniature to large parts.



Milling Department
Late model Bridgeports with D.R.O. complemented with numerous accessories.  (Moore) No. 3 Jig Borer fully equipped with special tooling.



Turning Department
Secondary operations performed on modern engine lathes
and super precision Hardinge tool maker lathes.



Drilling and Tapping Department
Various sizes and capacity drilling and tapping machines for secondary operations.



Horizontal Milling Department
Universal and horizontal machines used for heavy milling and slitting operations.



Grinding Department
An integral part of our manufacturing is where we grind special tools and fixtures to support our machining operations with automatic and manual surface grinders.  Equipped with extensive accessories, we grind all types of metals and non metallic materials.  We do contour and surface grinding on all types of materials.



Honing Department
Sunne Honing well equipped with many accessories and a good selection of honing stones.  This equipment helps us with our manufacturing needs, as well as doing production honing for our customers.



Tooling Crib
Our tool crib is well stocked with an extensive selection of cutting tools, hardware, and special fixtures.  All tools and fixtures are well maintained and easily accessible with our Inventory data system.



Assembly Department
Equipped to perform many different operations including part marking, hardware and helicoil installation, electro-mechanical assemblies, soldering, testing and assembly of special automated machinery.



Inspection Department
Our personnel are proficient in measuring complex geometry and are very thorough in inspecting all dimensions to conform to the drawings tolerances and other requirements.  In addition to their vast experience they are equipped with the latest measuring devices including an optical comparator and CMM.  All of our inspection equipment is calibrated to meet the requirements.



CNC Programming Department
With software, capable of converting CAD files to CNC milling and turning centers, along with our many years of experience, we have programmed and machined the most difficult parts for various customers in aircraft, military and commercial industries.



Engineering Department
Our engineering department is able to apply the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to design prototypes to turnkey products for military and OEM applications.  C.M.S. also designs fixtures, electromechanical assemblies and fully automated machinery as well as offering reverse engineering.



Administrative Offices
Our office personnel, are equipped and trained with the latest electronic equipment, including broadband internet access capabilities, process customer orders, maintain records, and monitor the orders for timely delivery.



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