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Automatic Assembly Machine
Dynatite Automatic Assembly Machine
Designed and built to assemble a spring loaded clamp which includes 7 components.  The machine includes 5 part feeders, 10 stations, 10 rotating nests, a PLC with tough screen, pneumatics and various sensors.  Cycle time 1 second.



OEM - Stone Router Machine
Portable Stone Edge Router
1-1/2 hp single phase motor with interchangeable shaped diamond tools and water intake for coolant.



Sign Making Machine
This machine is used to cut vinyl lettering. 1 hp motor and power feed.



Satellite Dish
This portable communication satellite was built to our
customer's specifications.



Medical Equipments
A device used for fungus testing.



Bottle Orienting Machine
Designed and built to orient and feed 3 sizes of plastic bottles over the conveyor. 



Golf Club Cutting Machine
Metal cutting machine to customize single or full set of golf clubs.



PC Board Assembly Machine
This machine was designed and built to automatically install 64 fuse clips and 32 fuses on each PC board fully automated with 3 feeder bowls, 3 pick and place heads and touch screen control.  Cycle time 80 seconds per board.



Bottle Washing and Drying Machine
Designed and built to wash and dry perfume bottles.  Cycle time si s5 seconds.  Size is 30" x 48" x 72"



Automatic Stapling Machine
Designed and built to assemble insulating parts for explosives. P.L.C. controlled, cycle time 5 seconds.






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