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Turned Parts
From miniature to 9" dia. X 26". 
Materials: steel, aluminum, stainless, alloy, titanium and other hard to machine materials



Milled Components
Precision and complex parts machined from various materials for military and commercial products.  Materials from plastic to titanium.



Plastic Fabricated Parts
Turning and milling components, made from various materials including Lexan, G10, Delrin, Phenolic and PVC



Castings and Forgings
Castings and forgings from various materials machined
to military and commercial specifications..



Gear Assemblies
(Resolver) contains 17 components made of stainless-aluminum and pheolic including 2 roller bearings used on military aircraft.



Stamping Dies
Illustrated is a progressive die designed and built to produce
"U" shaped brackets.  Other types of dies manufactured include blanking, compound & forming.



Flight Testing Housing:  Dip brazed and machined "aluminum" 5" x 17" x 20".
Hydraulic Reservoir:  Used to stabilize aircraft carrier platform, stainless steel 12" x 16" x 24"





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